Carpet Cleaning San Diego: Avoiding The Bait And Switch Approach

Carpet Cleaning San DiegoAs someone who has been through plenty of carpet cleaning San Diego companies, I’ve been a victim of many price changing scams.  Believe me… they were never fun!  They pitch you their “special” pricing and  tell you it includes all the bells and whistles, but then you’re left disappointed afterwards wondering how you got scammed.  Promises, promises… It goes something like this:

“Hello, how much is it for carpet cleaning?  Well, right now we’re running a $99 whole house carpet cleaning special.  Cool, how many rooms does that cover?  Up to 2500 square feet, so about 5 to 6 rooms.  Oh wow!  Ok, what’s all included?  Oh, it’s steam extraction and pre-conditioner for spots.  Cool, I’d like to schedule an appointment!”

What happens next is the carpet cleaner shows up at your door, takes a look around at your carpet and begins to tell you that you are going to need extra spot remover for each spot.  You might have anticipated this based on previous history with this maybe, but you surely don’t want to pay extra for that because that is not what you were told over the phone.

So, while you are mulling that price change over, you manage to look out your door and see that there is an old beat up van there with no company lettering or identification.  By now, what is also running through your mind is that maybe they are really not equipped to clean your carpets well either. You’re thinking that maybe they don’t have very good equipment and that they are probably going to leave your carpet soaking wet in the process if you decide to let them continue.

A Homeowner’s Nightmare In San Diego.

This whole experience thus far has made you anxious and you are now nervous in your thinking.  You need your carpets cleaned though, because you have company coming in from out of town tomorrow and you don’t have anymore time to look for another carpet cleaner or cleaning company.  You don’t want to take the chance in letting them go to have to try and find a different company, but at the same time you don’t want to risk it and take that chance to be left supremely disappointed by potentially highly undesirable cleaning results.

So what do you end up doing then?  You accept their price change up and terms and elect to allow them to continue with the cleaning of your carpet.  They don’t end up spending anymore time beyond 1 hour on your job, your carpet is soaking wet and that is when you ask them how long it is going to take to dry?  They say it should be dry in about 3 to 5 hours but in reality, it is going to take more like 3 to 5 days to finish drying completely.  They didn’t tell you it was going to end up smelling like mildew at the end of all of that drying either!  Not to mention all that sticky residue you feel on your carpet that gives you the impression that your carpet still feels dirty.

You end up with a carpet that took 4 days to dry at the end of which ended up smelling like mold and mildew, your carpet feels like it still has a ton of soap in it that didn’t get rinsed out enough or at all, and your eye catches something else… it also still looks dingy dirty.  All 3 things are in order here – bad “smell”, bad “feel”, and bad “sight.”  And, all because the price sounded nice and cheap!

So much on the spot decision making pressure for carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning scamThe real question here is, “did you think you were going to get quality service for 2500 square feet (5 to 6 rooms) for $100 bucks??  Did you honestly think you would be lucky enough to escape the bait and switch and get away with not being scammed out of your hard earned money?

Rip off’s like this occur on a daily, only because most of us are tantalized by a cheap price.  What makes it all the more difficult to find the right cleaner for your carpet and flooring is when they all seem to advertise the same thing in terms of service and pricing.  What do we do when their marketing all sounds the same?  I guess we all just have to win some and lose some from time to time in the way we go about hunting down the most qualified professionals for the services we seek!  Oh well.

Don’t get scammed!  Learn how to look for a quality carpet cleaning operation from the information herein.  Look for things like “locally owned” or “owner operated”, as well as a better pricing structure, a company who doesn’t advertise what looks and sounds to be a low ball price designed to simply get feet in your door only to pressure sell you beyond your good mental well-being.

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