Truckmount Steam Carpet Cleaning

Quality Steam Cleaning Of Carpets – Truckmounted.

Truckmount Steam MachineNormally when someone considers getting their carpets truckmount cleaned, they think of trying to find a quality carpet cleaner.  Most of the time people are looking for what’s called “truckmounted” extraction service.  This is the industry standard and what most everyone knows to be the most thorough cleaning method.  This is the method that “steams” or “steam cleans” you carpet.  These truckmount machines can cook the water up to a maximum of about 270 degrees, depending on what type of equipment it is the carpet cleaning technician or company may have.

There are so many different things a carpet cleaner can do to clean your carpet.  Some mix the soap in with the same water they are supposed to be rinsing your carpet with making for tons of residue left behind on your carpet afterwards, while others might pre-condition the carpets first, to loosen up and dissolve dirt and grease in preparation for the steam extraction portion of your cleaning.  Some companies even truckmounts that can’t get the water very hot or even maintain the right temperature for true steam which as approximately 205 to 215 degrees Fahrenheit.  To truly kill bacteria and other pathogens, plus all the critters like fleas and dust mites that might be living in your carpet, the water must be boiling hot enough!  There is no need to fear about the water being too hot to ruin your carpet as it is not staying down for prolonged periods of time and quickly cools after the initial wand stroke.

The most critical error that a technician could make when cleaning carpets is failing to pre-condition or pre-treat the carpet with the right cleaning agents. This is a critical step that many carpet cleaners fail to take, hence your carpets looking dingy and dirty afterwards.  And if they are running soapy water through their truckmount systems, then you can bet that there will be loads of soapy, sticky residue left behind on your carpet afterwards!

Here’s another important point.  Many times, the truckmount machines that many carpet cleaners use don’t seem to get the water truly hot enough to steam clean or extract correctly.  Also, many times their machines aren’t very powerful either.  When the water they are cleaning your carpet with is warm and the machine not powerful, your carpet tends to be left soaking wet and that’s why it takes 3 or 4 days to dry sometimes.  With steam, the water evaporates helping an already powerful machine extract any minor amount of left over moisture, making for the potential to leave your carpet dry to the touch!

The work ethic also has to be there because even with hot steam and powerful technology, the carpet can be left more wet than normal if enough “dry passes” are not performed.  Dry passes are made when the carpet cleaning wand is pushed over the carpet without injecting the hot water or steam into it.  These passes are meant to extract as much moisture as possible before continuing on with the rest of the carpet.  If a carpet cleaning technician lacks ethics and just speeds through your cleaning because they have a quota to meet and they want to be home by 5pm so they can drink it up a little with their buddies before the night is over, chances are the carpet will be left over wet, possibly soaked and you will end up being disappointed and dissatisfied.

Now for the quality service.

It really does take a quality carpet cleaning artist to do the job right.  Someone who is dedicated to their clientele and cares more than someone who is an employee for a company who is trying to meet a quota.  These kind of carpet cleaners are usually owner / operated and there are only a small handful of them in San Diego, California.  Owner operator carpet cleaners in San Diego tend to have quality equipment and knowledge that the big companies don’t.  They will employ extra state-of-the-art equipment for faster drying that most of the time will leave your carpet at least 97% dry by the time they leave.  A lot of time they have extra cleaning agents that the big guys don’t, so when one of the other guys tells you that the spot just isn’t coming out, it’s because they don’t know about the special, top secret stuff!

But more importantly, the all around ethics are there especially when it comes to pricing or quoting a price.  A quality San Diego carpet cleaner might quote you a price, over the phone that they stick with and they will tell you that if the price needs to change, it would have been due to the area sizes being bigger than quoted by you over the phone for example.  Or sometimes, they may not even up the price and take care of you for the price that was quoted.  That’s what an ethical quality carpet cleaning San Diego does!

All in all, if you’re tired of getting soaked, you’re tired of your carpet smelling like mold and mildew afterwards, your carpet dries flaky and crunchy from the toxic soup of soap and dirt that was mixed around while they “cleaned” your carpet before it dried!  Some advice to consider would be not to go with a carpet cleaner that wants to charge you some lame low ball price just to get their foot in your door.  Go with an owner operated quality carpet cleaning artist that gives you the impression of trust before you make your decision.

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