Carpet Cleaning Services

Types Of Services For Carpet Cleaning To Choose From.

hot water extraction carpet cleaningMost pro’s know that the best carpet cleaning service by far, especially as designated by Shaw Industries is HWE, which stands for “hot water extraction.” It is also referred to as steam vapor cleaning.  This service consists of a pre-conditioner applied to your carpet first, followed by a combination of a simultaneous injection of super hot water and recovery technique through extraction, which is realized via a powerful machine.  This powerful machine, which is professionally known as a truck mount machine is responsible for providing supreme quality cleaning results.  These machines can be bolted down or mounted inside of a van or onto a trailer that would be towed by a truck.  There is no other method for the cleaning of a carpet that can kill bacteria through a higher temperature of water and completely flush and rinse it of all the dirt, dust, and grime.

The downside to a truck mount machine is that it can’t reach the 18th story of a high rise building, let alone access office spaces that are deep within a building structure or complex.  In all honesty most hose runs don’t go beyond the 4th, maybe 5th floor of a high rise.

commercial carpet cleaningSo, this is where an alternative to truckmounted steam cleaning comes into play.  It is a low moisture carpet cleaning technique that employs a human guided scrub machine.  This is the type of machine that normally dispenses a solvent based cleaning liquid as the technician goes along cleaning.  However, this type of low moisture carpet cleaning does not provide any sort of extraction to take away the dirt and grease.  Instead, what it does is traps the dirt, or “encapsulates” forming a bond around it as it dries, holding it in suspension per say, as it awaits the next round of vacuum cleaning by either you or if it is an office building… the janitorial crew.

The good thing about a low moisture technique is that it uses a whole lot less liquid to clean carpet with.  Another good thing is that if it’s solvent based, it usually only takes about an hour to finish drying, give or take.  The down side, and this is what always gets consumers is when they ask where all the dirt is going.  “It looks pretty clean but where did all the dirt go?”  Depending on the cleaning fluid being used, the dirt will be trapped by the special solvent cleaner, dried, and held in a suspended state as it awaits the next vacuuming.

There are some excellent machines that are way advanced in their technology like the Cimex, for example.  The Cimex is a highly specialized machine designed for fast, thorough cleaning of larger spaces that can cut down on time and employee resources.  It is used widely by many professionals, as well as cleaning solutions developed exclusively for the low moisture carpet cleaning process.  It doesn’t over-soak a carpet, it doesn’t leave a hazardous chemical residue behind, and a carpet cleaner in San Diego can utilize this procedure while office employees are still diligently working!  The only downside to this method is that it doesn’t provide the extraction consumers might be looking for.  But, it’s the best alternative for hard to reach office spaces, condos, and so on.

None of these methods work to their fullest unless the technician cleaning the carpet has a solid work ethic behind them.  They could have all the state of the art equipment at their disposal, and still not perform the job correctly!  Soaking wet carpet, tons of soapy residue left behind to be absorbed by your body, that mildew smell everyone loves to hate.  The nightmarish list goes on and on.  The flip side to that coin is – there are quality ethical carpet cleaners in San Diego out there.  You just have to hunt them down.

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